About Me

I don't know what to say about me. I am studying history at a university. I am a Civil War reenactor (although  love Revolutionary War (the clothing is prettier) and the French and Indian War (the fighting was better) and pretty much all of American History. I do have to say that I like the pre-1900s a lot better than the more modern things, although I do find them interesting too. I love antique books and have grown quite a collection and I absolutely love to read. I love non-fiction and am very picky about the fiction that I read. I love to learn and research. Learning is probably my favorite pastime. 

I love to travel and I love music. I am especially fond of various "period" music as well as Irish Folk music (I do like classic rock and most rock up until 1999.) I very much like to dance--period of course. I guess I am rather predictable :D I am not very good at it. I am likewise not very good at guitar but I really enjoy listening to the strings being plucked, it's very relaxing. I also dabble in playing the tin whistle, Irish flute, bodhran, fife, bones, and anything I can get my hands on. I really am not an able musician but I love music.

I love to sew, I pretty much keep to period reproductions because I love wearing them although me and my significant other did sew our own reenacting tent-and we were very happy the night we found out it was water proof :D This photo is of  the first and only corset I have sewn to go under my civil war things, everyone says it's really hard to make corsets, I didn't think it was that bad at all (for those of you wishing to try to make your own-go for it!)

I like to draw and write. My biggest dream would be to be a writer and homemaker. I never seem to write enough but I always write a little bit of something every day whether it be a bit of a story, a blog post or an entry in my journal. Like guitar, writing and drawing are relaxing. I do not do many fully finished drawings, I normally just sketch and play around. Oh and I normally never show anyone my drawings. You guys get a rare glimpse. I'm just much too self conscious of them.    

I really love meeting new people from all parts of the world. I am very interested in different cultures and viewpoints and I am very interested to hear from the people who read my blog. I always feel the need to share the things I learn with other people and in return I know I will learn from them. If you have a blog that you want me to take a look at, just post a comment with your link in it. I would enjoy that a lot. You can also contact me at TheSailorsWifeSA (at) Aim.com
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