August 18, 2014

Middletown Peach Festival 2014

I just got back from the 21st Middletown Olde-Tyme Peach Festival, hosted by the Middletown Historical society in Delaware. The festival includes a parade, car show, live music, pie baking contest and more.

The living history part is hosted by the Victorians of Virtue and Valor and is set up in front of the Historical Society. With the Victorians of Virtue and Valor, visitors played with Civil War period games, learned about soldier life and how those at home supported the war effort. Visitors also wrote letters to modern wounded soldiers.

It was a fun day, we had great weather and very interested visitors.


  1. Great photos!
    Sometimes these are the best "reenactments" - - for we can get people interested in history who may not otherwise give a hoot.
    Or come and see us at a reenactment.

  2. Thanks Ken! I actually love low stress, relaxed events like this one. It's nice that interested people can come up and ask questions and disinterested people can just walk to one of a thousand other tents.

  3. Neshaminy is another event where lots of people are in the park for other reasons and stop to watch the battle and walk through the camps.

  4. I like that idea of sending letters to current soldiers who are wounded. I'm sure the soldiers who receive them will be appreciative.

    Excellent photography!


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